By Artmore

Large Heat Mat 02

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Keep Epoxy systems at an ideal working temperature.

This is a low-cost alternative to maintaining a higher ambient temperature in your shop during winter months.  This ultra low-wattage heater comes with a controllable thermostat to find the perfect working temperature for your Epoxy Resin application.

With this handy shop tool, you’ll never again have to pre-heat your resin to lower viscosity or to improve wetting-out of reinforcement fabrics.  

Size: 360*600mm


  1. Switch to "LOW" when in use to prevent overheat. 
  2. Don't bend hard which will damage internal heating system.
  3. Don't use it as Electric blanket.
  4. Don't wash by water.
  5. Don't cover it by other stuff.
  6. Make sure switch far away from water.