Christmas Hours 2021-2022

Christmas Hours 2021-2022: CLOSING 5pm 22nd December OPENING 10th January. All pick up orders need to collect before closing. We still accept online orders between 23/12 - 09/01 and will continue to dispatch from 10/01/2022.
December 22, 2021 — Resin Art NZ Team

Thursday 16 December, New cut-off dates for sending within NZ

Thursday 16 December, New cut-off dates for sending within NZ. If you miss these dates, you can still send your parcels and we’ll do everything we can to deliver them in time for the big day.
December 17, 2021 — Resin Art NZ Team

How to enter address under new shipping model?

     To improve our customer experience, we have recently deployed a new shipping cost architecture back end. No more pain to choose RD or Non RD address, no extra time for us to confirm order.
    Please follow the steps below:
1. When check out, choose "Ship", enter your name and address, Choose Google Suggestions address. Then enter your contact number.
(The address below is for example only)
2.  Then you can see Google will autofill the correct address.
3. Choose "Continue to shipping“
4. You can see the shipping cost will be generated by the system.
5. Choose "Continue to payment“
December 05, 2021 — Resin Art NZ Team

Important Update For Courier Service

NZ Post: Due to COVID-19 restrictions and increases in parcel volumes, we have delivery delays of up to five working days in and out of Auckland, up to two working days in and out of Waikato, and one working day across the rest of NZ. If you are in Auckland please do not call unless your parcel has been delayed longer than 10 working days, or 5 working days for the rest of NZ.

Aramex: Please expect delivery delays of up to five working days for items in and out of Auckland due to additional safety measures and
the increase in parcels being sent. Across the rest of NZ delivery delays have reduced to 1 working day.

November 04, 2021 — Resin Art NZ Team

NZ Post may pause future pick ups of Auckland items

Dear Customer,

We are working with NZPOST to manage the large volumes they are experiencing.

So this means NZPOST services may not be available from time-to time. 

With retail restrictions still in effect in Auckland, NZPOST continues to see sustained demand for online shopping and parcel delivery. 

They have implemented numerous actions to scale their network to record levels – scaling Auckland deliveries to over 740k items a week. 

NZPOST's priority is sustaining these record delivery levels and reducing the backlog of items to ensure our network continues to operate safely while retail stores remain closed in Auckland. 

So, specific pick-up limits have also been implemented to help manage the volume of Auckland items we are receiving.

Unfortunately, if NZPOST continue to receive Auckland items in excess of our daily limit, they will need to pause future collections of Auckland items from us.

We understand this is a significant impact for you, however it is critical for NZPOST to maintain pick-ups in line with what they can reasonably deliver.

Ensure a safe operating environment for their people, and avoid more severe restrictions.

We would like to thank you for working with us as we navigate this uncertain and incredibly challenging time together.

October 30, 2021 — Resin Art NZ Team

We now are official distributor for Jesmonite in New Zealand

We now are official distributor for Jesmonite in New Zealand. Pre-order are available now. Expected lead time 60-90 days. Please split your Jesmonite pre-order with other non pre-orders due to the waiting time. 

First pre-order will end up at 25/10/2021.

Visit here for more information.

October 05, 2021 — Resin Art NZ Team

Friday 1st October - NZ Post Delivery Delays

Hi there,

COVID isn’t stopping Kiwis from shopping up a storm online.

And although most of NZ is now operating under easing Alert Levels, we’re still seeing a staggering number of parcels being sent – particularly in Auckland.

This, combined with Alert Level 3 restrictions, means things are taking a little longer than usual in our biggest city.

Delivery delays in and out of Auckland

We are currently experiencing delays of up to five working days for parcel deliveries in and out of Auckland at this time.

While we’re continuing to pull out all the stops to get your parcels to you as quickly as possible, this may continue until we have a change in Alert Levels in Auckland, and safety restrictions ease.

Deliveries across the rest of NZ

For items being sent around the rest of NZ we’re seeing things return to normal. With delays of up to 1 working day in most places.

Here’s what we’re doing to keep things moving
Everyone’s stepped up and we’ve got people from across our business lending a hand to support our delivery and processing teams.

Here are just some of the things we’ve been doing:

Delivering over half a million more parcels a week than usual, that’s the equivalent of an extra 400 courier drivers!
Employed hundreds of extra people to keep things moving and we’re recruiting hundreds more over the next 2 weeks!
Sites across the country are processing items 24/7

Check our website before calling

We know that the parcels you’re expecting are important to you, and our customer care team is doing everything they can to help answer your queries as quickly as possible.

Please help us out by tracking your parcel online and only call if your parcel being sent into or out of Auckland has been delayed for more than 10 working days. For items sent across the rest of the country please wait 5 working days before calling.

Stay up to date with the latest information by visiting our COVID-19 webpage.

Thank you for your support and patience as we do all we can to deliver for you and NZ.

The Team at NZ Post
October 03, 2021 — Resin Art NZ Team