Dear Customer,

We are working with NZPOST to manage the large volumes they are experiencing.

So this means NZPOST services may not be available from time-to time. 

With retail restrictions still in effect in Auckland, NZPOST continues to see sustained demand for online shopping and parcel delivery. 

They have implemented numerous actions to scale their network to record levels – scaling Auckland deliveries to over 740k items a week. 

NZPOST's priority is sustaining these record delivery levels and reducing the backlog of items to ensure our network continues to operate safely while retail stores remain closed in Auckland. 

So, specific pick-up limits have also been implemented to help manage the volume of Auckland items we are receiving.

Unfortunately, if NZPOST continue to receive Auckland items in excess of our daily limit, they will need to pause future collections of Auckland items from us.

We understand this is a significant impact for you, however it is critical for NZPOST to maintain pick-ups in line with what they can reasonably deliver.

Ensure a safe operating environment for their people, and avoid more severe restrictions.

We would like to thank you for working with us as we navigate this uncertain and incredibly challenging time together.