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CLARITI™PRO Epoxy Casting Resin is an epoxy resin system specifically designed for the casting of small items. It allows for poured sections of 3-10mm thick (mass dependent). CLARITI™Pro can be poured in multiple layers with excellent cohesion. This two-part, low viscosity, ultra clear epoxy resin may also be used in potting and casting applications where an exceptionally ultra clear resin is required.

CLARITI™PRO Epoxy Casting Resin exhibits excellent air release properties but may also be used with a vacuum degasser to ensure all air bubbles are removed from the mixture. Due to the fast curing time of this epoxy, we strongly suggest testing any resin pours under 3mm and over 10mm, as the total cast mass and temperature of the workspace may negatively impact the resin during its cure cycle.

The CLARITI™PRO resin is specially formulated for those looking to produce smaller parts that will typically generate a slow exothermic reaction with standard casting epoxies. This resin and hardener formulation is also perfect for those working in cooler climates where the ambient temperature often slows down the cure and de-mould time.

Recommended for: Small items such as jewellery, embellishments, key rings, napkin holders, pen blanks, crack and knot filler for timber projects, and small homewares like trinket dishes.
Potlife & Demould: 100gm mass @ 23*C 10-20 mins/6-12 hours
Hardness & Type: Shore 80D

Product Highlights

– Fast curing cycle

– Contains anti-yellowing/ UV resistant additives

– Displays excellent adhesion to other substrates and cohesion on multiple layers

– Good fluidity and de-airing properties

– FDA Approved and Non-Dangerous Goods for transport

– Easily tinted with a vast range of compatible colourants

– Convenient 2:1 ratio by Volume

– Fantastic clarity and visually water white

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