Non-toxic and Reusable Modeling Clay - Grey 200g per each

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Artmore Synthetic Modeling Clay for creating original patterns, sealing molud boxes, and claying up two-part molds, can be used over and over again.

Each piece size approximately: 140mm×80mm×14mm
Colour: Grey
Weight: 200g per each

Description: Fine carving oil clay, widely used in sculpture of crafts, metal handboards, plastics, automobiles, motorcycles, televisions, and other models, with strong plasticity. Hardness at room temperature is Shore 78D in winter and Shore 69D in summer. Softening temperature is 66°C. Sulfur-free.

Features and Uses:

  1. Fine texture and hardness at room temperature, suitable for precise carving. Suitable for making good prototypes and industrial design models.
  2. Sensitive to temperature, can be softened and shaped or repaired at a low temperature (above 60 degrees).
  3. New product thin sheet fine carving clay, simple shaping, suitable for classroom teaching and learning.
  4. Non-sticky, non-contracting, cleaner than clay, good quality, is a good material for prototype making in the craft industry. Instructions for Use:
  5. Two pieces can be bonded by softening the surface with a heat gun and then pressing.
  6. The thick block after shaping is very hard. If you need to reshape it, you can put it in a heat-resistant plastic bag, soak it in hot water, or put it in a cylinder and then into an electric pot to soften. The electric pot only needs to be plugged in, without water. After half an hour of insulation, it can be softened.
Does not contain sulfur, will not inhibit platinum-based silicones

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