Stone Coat Countertops - Epoxy Resin Kit 1 : 1 by Volume - HEAT RESISTANT

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Stone Coat Countertops - Epoxy Gallon Kits

Our epoxy gallon kits come with the same materials we use to create our Stone Coat Countertops and Wood Slab Tops. Watch our how-to videos to learn to make your own amazing surfaces! The countertop epoxy resin kit is formulated for this purpose and is will cover 40+ square feet of surface for both the Color FLOOD coat and Clear FLOOD coat ( about 3oz of Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy per Square Foot per coat).

If you are doing a Wood Slab you will need to seal with a thin layer of Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy before the flood coating. We use 1oz per Square Foot to SEAL wood slabs. We like to apply 2-3 seal coats on raw wood slabs before we apply our Flood Coat. MDF needs no seal coats. We like to sand and polish our slabs and countertops to bring them to the most high end look and feel possible. This is optional and many customers are happy with their results without the extra work.

Our Epoxy Resin Kits come in multiple sizes:

  • ½ Gallon kit for a bathroom to do 10 sq ft.
  • 1 Gallon kit for a small kitchen that’s 20 sq ft.
  • 2 Gallon kit to cover between 40-50 sq ft. (Most Popular)
  • 4 Gallon kit is meant for a large kitchen that’s 60 sq ft.

Do not pour this material over 1/8" per coat, for deep thick pours use our casting resin.

  • Dry to Touch: 24hours
  • Light Use: 72 hours
  • Fully Cured: 7-day cure time, can take up to 30 days before reaching maximum durability, heat and scratch resistance.

1/2 Gal Pack include 946ml Part A and 946ml Part B.

1 Gal Pack include 1/2 Gal Part A and 1/2 Gal Part B.

2 Gal Pack include 1 Gal Part A and 1 Gal Part B.

Below are the MSDS sheets.

Stone Coat Epoxy Hardener.pdf
Stone Coat Epoxy Resin.pdf

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Angela M. (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Hard to pour

Seems to work well, ordered by mistake but happy enough with it. Only gripe is the bottles are very hard to pour from as they have very short necks and product spills down the side of the bottle.

Lisa M. (Auckland, New Zealand)
go to for ocean serving boards

this is a great resin for ocean boards as it has the heat resistance and takes on any pigments/ mica really well.
Only resin I use for them now

Helen B. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Nice thick epoxy

Made a couple of trays and they look fabulous they are still slightly bendy after 2 days so hopefully will harden completely in another day or two.

Thanks for your reply. Sometimes you need 3-4 days to completely cured. Resin Art NZ Team

Gail (Auckland, New Zealand)
Great Product

Fast delivery, quality resin & great price. Thank you

Linda H. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Great service

Been looking for a food safe resin for ages. I don’t know how but something clicked and mr google found me some. Very happy with it. Thanks