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Zhermack silicone rubber ZA RTV 30-45 room temperature vulcanizing, addition-curing 2-component silicone rubber (RTV).

Properties and application:

- simple processing - easy mixing of the components 1:1 by weight
- very good flowability, mixture can be easily poured
- cross-linking to form a resistant, rubber-elastic vulcanizate without reaction heat - short-term temperature resistance up to 150 °C
- high tear strength and high flexibility
- Very high level of detail in the reproduction
- excellent non-stick effect for easy release of the models
- Use with larger, self-supporting molds for all types of impressions

Further product information:

Colour: green (component A) and white (component B)
Mixture: 1:1 by weight
Specific gravity: 1.1
Viscosity: 5000 mPas
Mixing time at 23 degrees Celsius: 1 minute
Processing time (pot life) at 23 degrees Celsius: 50 minutes
Curing time at 23 degrees Celsius: 240 minutes
Shore A hardness after 24 hours:  A30 ± 2
Breaking load: 5 ± 0.2 N/mm²
elongation at break: 450 ± 20%
Tear strength: 15 ± 1 N/mm²

Zhermack Silicone Rubber ZA RTV 30-45 is very well suited for the production of demanding, elastic and durable shapes with large undercuts.

Zhermack silicone rubber ZA RTV 30-45 can be used to produce one-piece or multi-piece moulds for molding original models made of wood, glass, metal, plastic, wax, ceramic casting compounds.

You can use all water-soluble moulding materials such as relief casting compounds such as TFC Xyrarock or Zhermack Elite Rock, Keramin, TFC alabaster plaster, modelling and model building plaster, cast stone, cement, concrete, etc. in the moulds that are already produced.

In addition, soap casting compounds (soap glycerin) for making your own soaps
or wax for candle making are just as easy to do as casting with casting resin (resin).
Here you should pre-treat the mould with a release agent before casting
since casting resins can lead to embrittlement of the mould after repeated casting.
In general, the silicone ZA 3045 has a very long service life.

The silicone was not tested for skin and mucous membrane compatibility or use in connection with food.
If you are looking for silicones to use in relation to food or body shapes, ask us.
We also have the right materials for this in our range.

TOP quality, you will be amazed!
The silicone is brand new and can be stored for at least one year, NEW!

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Peter G. (Wellington, New Zealand)

Great product make sure you have a vaccume pot to get the air our after you stir